How to Tell If Women Are Interested in You

Learn how women secretly make men feel good about themselves!

Social Engagement Tips

Learn Charisma secrets

Humor is great for showing charisma. Everyone loves a funny guy or girl. If you can make us laugh then we want you around. If you are not a very funny person then I suggest learning a few good jokes to tell and try to start making fun or things about yourself or even other people(even though that sounds mean) Comedians make a living making fun of people and they are viewed as having great charisma…. Read the rest here.

How to Lead your social circle everytime

Have you ever been in any social setting, and you wanted someone to like you. Whenever you made a funny remark, you would turn to one person and see if you got any reaction out of them. You do this in order to seek their approval. We as people either are Alphas or Betas in any social setting. The Betas are many, but the alphas are only a few, for each social group has only one. We turn to the Alpha of the group in order to seek their approval. More Here.

Magic Tricks, Your greatest Weapon

I want to take a moment to comment on the importance of learning Magic Tricks to increase your social skills. When you have a powerful tool such as magic, then you will be able to control your group or audience and be able to hold onto their attention easily with the skill of Magic at your side. If you ever wanted to learn magic tricks then check out my magic page, even if you know some magic tricks then I would still check out my page for more ideas and some great leads to tricks you never knew existed. Check it out here!

Trading Stories

One of the greatest abilites you can have in your social skills is the ability to tell great stories. Some people are not very sociable because they lack this amazing ability to captivate and hold the attention of people around them. If your story telling is a bit weak, or if you can already tell a great story, but want to make it better, then read this article.

How to Covertly Hypnotize anyone.

Have you ever wanted to be able to hypnotize anyone anytime, without anyone ever knowing it’s happening. People will tell you can’t hypntotize anyone without them knowing, but infact you can. Their is such a thing known as conversational hypnosis. When we are in a trance, we can be persuaded to do almost anything because the idea is being planted directly into our subconscious mind. To learn this powerful hidden art click here.

Benefits of Relationships

Increased Dopamine and Testosterone

New relationships offer some particularly enthralling health boosts. In men, a new romantic partner can trigger the release of testosterone and dopamine.

Longer Lifespan

Numerous studies have found that married men live longer than those who never married or those whose marriages ended.

Emotional Support

Another potential reason why men get more from long-term relationships than women is that it makes a greater difference in their emotional support network.

Greater Wealth

Good news for your wallet: Research shows that married people accumulate more wealth over time than either single or divorced people.

Gain a Confidant

A straightforward advantage to having a long-term partner is that they act as a confidant.

Reduced Stress

Nearly everyone gets stressed out by their relationship at some point but, in general, a significant other has a calming effect.

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