Have you ever been in any social setting, and you wanted someone to like you. Whenever you made a funny remark, you would turn to one person and see if you got any reaction out of them. You do this in order to seek their approval. We as people either are Alphas or Betas in any social setting. The Betas are many, but the alphas are only a few, for each social group has only one. We turn to the Alpha of the group in order to seek their approval.

We want them to agree with what we say because they are the one who is in control. In order to fully understand why we seek their approval, we must understand the characteristics of the Alpha that makes him so desirable to be around.

The Alpha never seeks anyones approval

He never needs to because he has no care in the world what anyone thinks of him. This is crucial when you want to control your group. You must be the alpha and must not care whay they or what anyone outside you group thinks of you and what you say.

People are drawn to confidence and confidence goes hand in hand with not caring about other peoples opinion of you. We must learn confidence and we must learn control of our own emotions in order to be an approval giver rather than an approval seeker. When we seek the approval of others, we are putting ourselves below them.

This means we are giving them total control over us. Do you enjoy when people are in control of you? I know I don’t. It’s only sane to want to be in control of yourself independantly without the need of others giving you orders. Use this affirmation daily to stop seeking approval of others and to begin your life as an alpha. say to yourself several times ” I release the need to seek other peoples approval” YES! This is what everyone truly needs to tell themselves.

It’s powerful and I want to give you the tip of yelling this at the top of your lungs in order to get yourself really fired up into the idea releasing this unwanted trait. Also say ” I am always in control” and “People always seek my approval”. Come up with your own as well and make the most of them. Another way to build your confidence is by breaking yourself down to the point of self humiliation. Check out this article on approach anxiety and it will explain everything hot to accomplish this.

Be interesting and entertaining

Alphas are the drivers of the conversations and activities in every social setting. When you go to see a stand up comedian perform, we are giving him alpha status automatically. We sit back, we listen attentively, and we laugh and have a great time. We love to be around him cause he makes us laugh. We would love to have his approval because everyone knows he’s the alpha. This is the kind of people we need to become, not neccesarily comedians, but great story tellers and performers.If you can bring up interesting conversation topics, and it gets everyone else talking, then you are driving that conversation, you are in control.

If you perform a great magic trick, you get them talking about it. They want to know how you did it. It puts you in control since you have them fooled and only you know the secret. If you tell a great joke, you will make them laugh. People love to follow the alpha for reasons like this. He’s fun and he’s interesting. Their are all kinds of tricks you can learn to use. Magic is one thing, bar tricks, puzzles and riddles and even hypothetical questions that make people think(just make sure they are interesting.

Watch for natural alphas

Now their are many natural alpha males out their that instantly take control of any group they are in. If you try to take over a group they are in control of, then their may be a battle at hand. Their are ways to overcome them and put them down to beta, but it’s tough until you know how to do it properly. If you want to learn how to overtake an alpha and stay in that position, then I reccommend the Underground Hypnosis course aka Black-ops.

These Natural Alphas will get defensive and try and give you hell if you try to dethrone them so just give them a show and make them feel good. A lot of these Naturals will not be very impressed with you anyhow since they don’t want to give you any approval at all. Any Alpha can be won over, so dont’ ever be afraid of trying to get ahead of them.