Charisma is an important characteristic for people who love love people. Everyone loves charisma in people. Here are some tactics used to make yourself more charismatic, without even having to try to hard.

1. Introvert, Extrovert

If you do not know the difference, then I suggest learning to be an extrovert. An Introvert is a person who is reserved and is interested in themselves and their thoughts. An Extrovert is someone who is very interested in other people and what they have to say and think.

An extrovert is always viewed as a charismatic person. Have you ever been drawn to a person and found them pleasant to be around, even if they don’t have anything interesting to say, it’s probably because they were into you and what you had to say. This draws people in quite easily. Being an extrovert has it’s advantages cause it shows you as having a caring attitude for other people. It’s a trait loved by everybody.

2. The selfish factor

When you talk to someone, do you like to talk about what other people love, or what you love? Of course you are going to pick the latter. I find this amusing all the time cause I like to listen to people talk in conversation, people talk about themselves continually. Try it once. Typically when two people talk about something they have in common, they talk about what they like about it and their experiences with it, but often fail to talk about the other persons experience with it. Everyone seems put themselves back in the spotlight. Try keeping the conversation focused away from yourself once and see what happens.

If you had a spot light, keep it focused on the other person and off of you. People will eat it up and you can keep them talking for quite awhile without putting really too much effort at all into the conversation. The other person will see you as a very charming, and easy to talk to kind of person, as long as you are showing interest in what they are saying. Please don’t be a robot about it, keep it alive by adding your own comments about the situation being discussed.

The best thing you can do is ask questions with a look of interest on your face(even if your not). If both of you have kids, you will want to talk about your child without a doubt, but try asking how their kid is doing, like in school and continue to comment on them. It may seem like the other person is controlling the conversation, but when you sit back and think about it, the person guiding the conversation is the one keeping it alive by asking leading questions to keep the other person talking about themselves.

3. Humor

Humor is great for showing charisma. Everyone loves a funny guy or girl. If you can make us laugh then we want you around. If you are not a very funny person then I suggest learning a few good jokes to tell and try to start making fun or things about yourself or even other people(even though that sounds mean) Comedians make a living making fun of people and they are viewed as having great charisma. If you can come up with witty sayings from time to time, then your in good shape.

Creative thinking is great for coming up with new lines to say that are your own originality. I Myself like to ask crazy questions and come up with even crazier answers for example… Why can you speed sometimes and cops don’t even bother to pull you over? Oh it must be cause they are holding a naked picture of their 65 year old neighbor that they sneakily took and he’s pleasuring himself to He can’t get is pants pulled up in time to pull you over, or maybe he’s using that last donut as a pleasure device cause the hands getting old. haha.

I know I have a crazy way of thinking, but the fact of it is, is that people will laugh about it, even if it’s out of nowhere from asking the question. Also it keeps you from talking about yourself and into something everyone will love to join into. Try to find your own ways of humor, we each have our own sense of it, but exploit it in a way everyone can enjoy.

4. Hypothetical Questions??

Ok something alot of people love is questions that everyone can participate in, Riddles might work nice, or even hypothetical questions, or even questions that have a simple answer but you have to work together to find the answer. Here’s a classic example of mine. Do they have East of Chicago Pizza West of Chicago?? Me and my friend Tiff talked about this one for at least 4 hours one day and even started to bring everyone else into to find their opinion about it.

I mean think about it, if they do have have East of Chicago Pizza west of Chicago, the wouldn’t it be false advertisement? They would have to call it west of Chicago pizza. Bring up simple puzzles for people to try and solve, even if you know the answer or not. If you don’t know the answer, then you can work together with other individuals to find an answer.

5. Magic

This is by far my favorite tactic. I love magic, not just watching it but performing it. People love magic. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that its just for kids, or that it is dumb. Because when they can’t figure out the trick, they are the ones who are dumbfounded.

Learn a few good magic trick and perform them for your friends, but keep the secret to yourself and never reveal them to anyone, it’s a rule that every Magician must follow.